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Apparel & Costumes (3 results)

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    Visible Box Damage

    Visible Box Damage

    Visible Box Damage - Items given this condition code are new inside the orginial manufacturer's packaging. The package is factory sealed, but may show wear, small tears and/or dents that are nonthreatening to the functionality of the product within. All parts/accessories provided by the manufacturer will be included.
  • $128.69
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  • $109.95
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    Opened & Resealed Box

    Opened & Resealed Box

    Opened Resealed Box - These items are taken out of the box and tested to ensure functionality and should work like new. Unlike refurbished items, open box items are not repaired in any way. In most cases, these items are shipped in the original manufacturer's packaging, but the box was opened previously so it may be slightly worn in appearance and will be re-taped. There may be evidence of minor use such as a small scuff mark/scratch outside the viewing area. Since a portion of our open box items were customer returns, it is possible that some accessories may be missing from the box.