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About is a web store where bargain shoppers can purchase high-quality surplus inventory, retail returns and premium dotcom products at prices that are below the wholesale price that retailers pay.


The Best Kept Secret in Bargain Shopping

How can we do this? By giving you access to the best kept secret in bargain shopping: surplus and liquidated goods. was started by GENCO Marketplace - America's largest wholesale liquidator of retail returns and closeouts. Every day GENCO Marketplace liquidates more than $5 million worth of returned and surplus items from major retailers and manufacturers. Most items are sold in pallet and truckload quantities to other liquidators and discount retailers. However, a portion of this merchandise -- goods that are in new and like-new condition -- are purchased by GENCO Marketplace and sold to bargain-conscious shoppers like you on

Because we source product in bulk at liquidation prices, can offer products at discount levels you simply won't see at retail, even at the most aggressive clearance sales.